Simplifying Technology

Call on your tekMate to help you use and better understand your computer, your tablet, your phone, or your camera. We want you to use your digital technology to its potential, and your potential. Don't miss out on the digital age, it isn't too hard, or only for kids. It's for everybody.

tekMate is owned and operated, with pride, in Friendly Feilding. Call or email us today.


Use our one hour sessions to get up and running with your computer.  These sessions are tailored for beginners and are flexible so that we can tailor the session for your individual needs and requirements.  Each session will cover one topic and will involve hands-on practical demonstrations. For your convenience we come to your place.

Our QuickLearn sessions allow for one or two people (so drag along your partner, a friend, or Aunty Gertrude and split the cost).  We can also provide larger group sessions - contact us and we will discuss the options with you.

If you want us to cover a topic that isn't in the list below then just ask us.  If you want to know more about what the session topic will involve just call us, or better email us, and we will send out a more detailed session description.

Here are a selection of topics to get you underway:

  • Gmail starter 
  • Gmail - further tips and tricks
  • Chrome Browser
  • Internet searching and bookmarks
  • YouTube - more than you knew
  • Google Photos - managing your photos 
  • Photo creativity - PicMonkey and Canva 
  • Facebook, Twitter - let’s get social
  • TradeMe and Shopping sites - shop ‘til you drop
  • Banking - keeping an eye on your money
  • Word Processing starter
  • Presentation starter
  • Spreadsheet starter  

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