Simplifying Technology

Call on your tekMate to help you use and better understand your computer, your tablet, your phone, or your camera. We want you to use your digital technology to its potential, and your potential. Don't miss out on the digital age, it isn't too hard, or only for kids. It's for everybody.

tekMate is owned and operated, with pride, in Friendly Feilding. Call or email us today.

Problems sorted

We like to try and help you avoid problems before they occur by showing you how to make the best use of your device.  However life isn't always that easy and we all know that these things do have problems.  We know ourselves how frustrating these issues can be.  So if you do have a problem just give us a call and we'll come around and check it out for you (or even do a remote support session if that is easiest).

We will look at any problem.  For example:

  • My machine is running slower and slower.
  • I get these funny pop-up boxes appearing.
  • My nephew used the machine and now I can't...
  • I can't get my printer to work.
  • Where are my files?
  • I need help with my new computer.
  • I can't open an email attachment from Aunty Gertrude.
  • How do I get my photos out of this digital camera?
  • What is the meaning of life?  (We are just kidding with this one).

Note that we don't have the capability to fix hardware issues ourselves, but we can diagnose them for you.

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