Simplifying Technology

Call on your tekMate to help you use and better understand your computer, your tablet, your phone, or your camera. We want you to use your digital technology to its potential, and your potential. Don't miss out on the digital age, it isn't too hard, or only for kids. It's for everybody.

tekMate is owned and operated, with pride, in Friendly Feilding. Call or email us today.

Coaching and Tuition

We don't use the word training as that sounds too much like military Boot Camp.  We like to think we are a little bit more flexible and friendly than that.

Let us help you with:

Basic Tasks on your computer or tablet/Smartphone

  • Power on and off
  • Identifying and running the programs I need
  • Searching on the Internet
  • Using email
  • Using Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Shopping on-line
  • Banking on-line
  • Using Trade-Me
  • Using the computer and the Internet with your hobbies
Also check Out our 1 hour QuickLearn sessions
Each QuickLearn session covers one topic.

Other Tasks on your computer or tablet

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations


  • Your camera's controls and settings explained
  • Downloading your images
  • Editing your images
  • Using your images - printing, pictures, photobooks.

We want you to make the best use of these technologies.  Ask us about these and other topics.