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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Don't have a Spammy Christmas

Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's something that I said, but I am getting a lot of nasty Spam just lately.

Lots of different flavours - but they are all still SPAM
I am getting about 10 emails a day all from the the same Spam factory.  The emails are pretending to come from some NZ retailers (and one whose name changed a few years back).  Here is a selection of mail headings:

  • Get discounts on Christmas Meat & Seafood at Woolworths
  • Treat, treat, treat claim this PAK'nSAVE gift card worth $100
  • Friends & Family clearance event on Ballantynes
  • Hey winner of the month! Claim your New World gift card
They all sound very exciting, but they all look and sound just a little bit Spammy, perhaps with a sprinkling of Virus and Malware.  The normal warning signs are there, referring to the wrong retailer, spelling mistakes, the email is from someone at an email address that doesn't match the retailer's name, and the links they want you to click on also don't have the retailer's name.

These could really ruin your Christmas, so do not touch them.  If you are lucky they may only show up in your Spam/Junk folder, but wherever they show up, just delete them.  
#Spam #SpamAlert