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Saturday, 1 August 2015

I'm in the Windows 10 Queue

I am an optimist, so even after my issues with upgrading to Windows 8/8.1 - see my earlier rant , I signed up for the free upgrade to Windows 10 a couple of months back.  So now I am just waiting for Microsoft to give me the magic incantation that will let me upgrade.  That might be hours, days, or weeks away.  I'm not good at waiting, especially as I know that someone, Microsoft or maybe Father Christmas, downloaded a 4.8 GB set of files to my system a couple of days back.  I know there are ways to get this upgrade going now, but I want to see the process that most people will see.  It's called education.

I'm hoping that I will enjoy W10 much more than W8/W8.1.  I still don't like W8 in general.  It's the two interfaces (desktop and touch) that annoys me.  It's just confusing and awkward.  It looks like W10 will resolve that for me.


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