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Friday, 20 February 2015

I've been MOOCed

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a reference to a course studying World War One Aviation.  Well, I read Biggles books when I was a kid, and I have had a strong interest in WW1 aircraft and pilots since then.  So what was I going to do?  The course was free - so, having nothing to lose, I signed up.

This particular course is run by FutureLearn (, which is an offshoot of the UK Open University.  It's what is known as a MOOC - or Massive Open On-line Course.  These are quite popular at the moment and many Universities, and other institutions, are involved in providing them.  The subject matter of these courses varies tremendously.

I have just completed week 2 of this 3 week course.  They state that they expect you to take 3 hours per week, or more if you follow up the additional material they provide.  So it's not to hard to fit in the required time.  I am finding it very interesting, and quite thought provoking, as it delves into the military politics and social aspects of the period.

Stupidly I showed my wife a course they were also advertising on King Richard III.  Now I am signed up for that as well, she didn't want to do this by herself!  Life is getting very busy.

Anyway - I recommend getting MOOCed.  Try it.  Let me know what you are doing.  Maybe I'll see you in class.

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