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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Using the Web - for old Petrol Heads

I've seen one in a museum.  This is way better.
Just another snippet from the weird and wonderful web journeys that I have been on.

Well, confession time.  I'm old(ish) and an armchair petrol head.  Love cars, love old cars, love racing cars, love old racing cars.  On my bucket list is a visit to either the Goodwood Festival of Speed, or the Goodwood Revival.  If you're into cars you probably already know about these events already.  "Speed" is all about fast cars, racing, and motorsport people.  The "Revival" is like "Speed" but for older cars (and drivers), and the spectators are encouraged to dress up in period clothing.

So yesterday, while idling surfing through YouTube, I found a link to the 2014 Revival event - Day 3.  So I clicked on it expecting the normal YouTube snippet for 10 minutes.  But no it was longer.  Not 30 minutes, not one hour but the whole damned day - all 9 hours 24 minutes and 22 seconds.  As it was a very wet and windy Saturday afternoon I clocked up 3 hours of it.  More to come later when I can find the time.  This is not just someone's amateur video this is a professionally produced video with excellent camera work, and great commentary.  Great stuff.  So I have 6 hours left on this video, then I could view days one and two...sigh.

Where else would I get to see this, apart from at Goodwood?  Certainly not anywhere in New Zealand except for the web.   I couldn't live without my internet connection.

The only downside to this discovery is that I now have two entries on my bucket list - "Speed" and "The Revival".  Oh well I guess that's what bucket lists are for.

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