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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Using the Web - The Recipe for Recipes

Their are millions of websites and tools out there, not all of them useful or relevant to me.  But there are still plenty of sites that provide something really handy.  Finding a website/tool that does exactly what you want can sometimes be a challenge, but when you find what you need it makes the search very worthwhile. Here is one such tool that we have been using for several years now.  It is a very simple site where we can store our recipes - check it out at Onetsp.  

Cheese Soup Recipe
Cheese Soup Recipe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This all started several years ago when I printed out yet another piece of paper with a recipe from a website and added to a tatty old folder.  I decided that there had to be a better way.  I looked at several sites that do all sorts of wondrous things, and have a zillion recipes already there, but what I really wanted was just a clean, accessible place to keep our recipes.

After a lot of searching, and trying various food/recipe sites I came across Onetsp.  It is really simple, no frills, easy to understand and did exactly what I wanted.  It replaced my tatty old folder with a clean and easily accessible Recipe store.  The recipes are all laid out in the same simple fashion, and we use it regularly.  It's easy to add the recipes - either copying them manually from a book (or tatty old folder), or copying from the web.  It also has a neat extension that 'clips' a recipe from a website for you when you find one you want.  This doesn't work all of the time but it will at least give you a start to copy and paste the bits you need.

Since using this I have seen other alternatives that could do a similar job, tools like Evernote, or Springpad, or more specialised 'foody' sites, but I still like the simple no-nonsense approach that Onetsp takes.

I should also mention that this is free (up to 150 recipes anyway).  That appeals to my Scottish and Yorkshire heritage, and is usually one of my criteria when I go searching for something useful.

How do you store recipes online, or do you still use the tatty folder technique?

If you ask me nicely I could email you the recipe for Pasta e Fagioli.  I know exactly where to find it.
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