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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Chromebook 1 - Windows 0

My last blog chronicled my installation of Windows 8.1, and how it took days, the proverbial blood tears and sweat, and some lengthy investigation to get it to work.  Well, just as a contrast I will tell you about my Brother-in-law, Mike, and his computer installation.

First some background.  Mike and Christine have just built and moved into a new house (lovely it is too).  As part of the new move they had decided this was an appropriate time to retire the 10-year old desktop system and the excruciating dial-up connection they have used.  Wise move.  They had't made too much use of the old computer (well - dial-up - say no more).  They don't have computer skills above those required to run Chrome and email, and copy photos from heir camera.  Just normal users.

When it came time to buy some new gear they took my advice and looked at a Chromebook which had recently gone on sale at a national chain (Dick Smith).  And, that's what they bought.

Mike arranged the Broadband connection, followed the instructions and got that working.  Then switched on the Chromebook and followed the registration, set-up a Google account, and before you know it was up and away doing more than they have ever been able to before.

That is the way these things should be.  The effort and pain I went through to set-up my Windows 8.0 laptop, transfer data from the old PC,build recovery backups, and then upgrade to 8.1 consumed hours of frustrating effort.  And, guess what, I spend 95% of my time here inside the Chrome browser.

Maybe I should have listened to my own advice.

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