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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Who's got my package? Why it's me!

If you are one of my regular readers (that's if I have any) you may remember my last post lamenting the loss of a package of stuff purchased from a reputable on-line store in the USA.

Check out
That package had not turned up and I imagined it languishing in some obscure part of the world looking much the worse for wear.

Well, guess what...  Yep, you are right, it has finally turned up.  10 weeks after shipping from the supplier in the USA it was delivered to us here in New Zealand.  The package was in pristine condition, with no additional stickers suggesting a journey to parts unknown.  Everything inside the package was fine, it just took 10 weeks to get here.  I guess we'll never know why.  My guess is that because it was super cheap shipping the shipper just fitted it in when he had spare space.  Not often obviously.

Still, it restores my faith in internet commerce.  All I need now is for that smartphone case that we bought 2 weeks ago to turn up from Hong Kong.  What could possibly go wrong?

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