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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Persistence and Scammer low-lifes

The Cells
The Cells (Photo credit: Melody Kramer)
One thing I have to grudgingly admire about the scammers out there is there persistence.  Of course this is far outweighed by their other traits, which merit some kind of retribution (I know what I'd like to do to them).  

I just got another one this morning asking me to change my security details at a bank I don't actually have an account with - which is always a giveaway.  This one obviously bypassed the scam/spam detection mechanisms of my email provider.  Luckily I don't see these mails often.

This one asked:

I changed the logo and bank name - it's not their fault.  the image above also removes the link in case there is someone out there stupid enough to follow it and fall into the scam.  There must be people still that naive out there for these guys (and gals) to keep on trying.

This is the most obvious of the scams we are subjected to, although they did upgrade the mail from courier font, and there are no spelling mistakes or major grammatical stumbles.  But, how can anyone still be fooled by these?

A lot of energy and effort goes into preventing these scams from reaching us, but I suspect there is little done to try and prevent these from occurring.  Wouldn't be nice if someone could come up with mechanisms to prevent these people from even trying.  I'm not holding my breath though.

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