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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Who's got my package?

We often buy stuff over the internet.  Over several years we have never lost anything.  Everything we have bought on-line has turned up.  Sometimes things have taken their time.  A few years back I bought a pair of sunglasses that went missing for a while.  They did turn up eventually after some discussion with the courier company - my theory was that it, being a small package, got lost somewhere in the local delivery guys van.

However now I think now we have really lost a package.  We have ordered stuff quite a few times over the last few years from iHerb in the USA.  Great service and usually pretty quick.  Over the years we have chosen their cheapest option which they call 'Priority Mail'.  That just means the Postal Service...  It has been reliable, reasonably fast and very very cheap.  But the last time we ordered was the end of August - it's now mid-October and no package.  I don't think we will see this one now.  I have let iHerb know - just for their records - it was my delivery choice so I don't expect them to fix it.  In future I will use a tracked courier option.

I have this vision of my package, all dirty and mangled, sitting in a lost parcel office in small town in Eastern Europe somewhere.  I hope somebody takes pity on it and makes use of it.

It is annoying and does make you think twice when buying online.  Not that it has stopped us as we have two packages (not counting my missing one) on their way to us now.  I wait nervously!  Am I stupid?

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