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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Power to the People

Power lines/life lines

Over the last 3 weeks or so we have had 3 bursts of power cuts.  Two of them involving multiple cycles of off-on again, plus a period of about an hour with no power at all.  The last occurrence was unknown as it occurred while we were asleep.  However being deprived of electricity does show how dependent we are on the stuff.  No TV, and worse for me, no internet connection, and some scares with expensive stuff that behaved oddly until being powered off.  As we are in a rural location, with a water pump, we didn't have water either but the loss of TV and Internet was a real annoyance.  While candlelight is quite romantic, it's nigh impossible to read by it.  I suppose sitting in the dark, luckily beside a wood fire, is quite relaxing, it does get a bit boring.

I think that the occasional loss of power is one of the down-sides to rural living.  We are lower priority and probably more susceptible to these things with lots of overhead lines and trees etc.

Anyway, if anyone from the electrical supply company reads this, I do appreciate the power supply but please keep it going.

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