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Monday, 3 June 2013

Newsflash - Chromebooks are here in New Zealand

The other day while surfing I stumbled across a reference to an Acer Chromebook for sale in NZ.  There seem to be several of the on-line retailers now selling them, and Acer's NZ site lists one device (for $429 versus the US price of $199).

I'd love to get my hands on one (Acer, Google - are you listening?).

I wonder if these machines are a better choice for an occasional computer user?  The Chromebook is effectively just a browser, and I guess there are a lot of users out there who just use a browser.  For them this would be a much simpler, cheaper, and less complex machine to use.  Several people in my immediate family could probably quite happily use one instead of a PC.

Of course if you consider going down this route then maybe a tablet, Android or Ipad, could probably perform the same function.

Either way, this choice must be one of the reasons for the languishing sales of laptops, and the slow take-up of Windows 8.

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