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Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Over-sixties and the Internet

I imagine everyone reading this post would agree that having access to the internet is essential, or at least damned useful. Some members of the population do not have access, or don't want access, to the Internet. For some of these people the cost would be a major factor, in others it's perhaps a belief that the Internet isn't useful, or is just not for them. There may also be a fear of the technology involved. Whatever the reasons the sector of the population with the lowest use of the Internet is the over-sixties. In New Zealand the number of over-sixty internet users is below 70%, the 'youngsters' under sixty rate a much higher percentage. According to The Internet in New Zealand 2011 study [Smith, P., Gibson, A., Crothers, C., Billot, J., Bell, A. (2011). The Internet in New Zealand 2011. Auckland, New Zealand: Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication, AUT University]:
98% of younger New Zealanders surveyed in 2011 are Internet users, as are 93% of those aged between 30 and 59. The figure for 60-plus remains much lower

That's quite a gap, and while this study shows that usage in this age group is increasing - it's going to take a while to match the youngsters.  Not sure how to fix this faster, but maybe instead of helping that elderly person across the road you get them on the Internet instead.

That's pretty heavy for a Sunday evening, maybe I need another glass of wine.